Monday, September 13, 2010


Ice Mom had a question about tights too...and since I have only a minute I thought I'd do a quick share.

There are several options out there:
  • Over the Boot tights. Great for skaters with short legs (like me). Also great for skaters with things they need to cover on their boots. Not so great for skaters with big feet in proportion to their body or really long legs. Also great for synchro skaters because it makes all their skates the same.
  • Footed tights (or in the boot tights). Great for skaters with long legs (or just those really skinny lanky legs - every kid tall or short goes through this stage). Also good if you need an under pair of tights - they work will for those who prefer thicker tights in their skates. Not so good with those of us with short legs. The distance between the skating skirt and the skates makes your legs look stubby and unflexible. Trust me. Not so good if you freak out that your skates are going to come undone.
  • Stirrup tights. They're a little 90s, but I preferred them, especially for practice, over OTB - they made me feel better that my laces are secure. 
  • Over the Ankle tights. Personally I think these are good for no one, but if you insist on keeping your laces safe and want your boot showing, this is where it's at.
The other "cool" style for synchro skaters right now, I've been informed, is:

  • Over the Heel tights. For synchro I kind of like this look, as long as the white skate is sticking out. I think it looks neat. 
  • And black tights are making a comeback. They hide knobby knees (like mine) for sure, but I'm not sure how I feel about the 90s making a comeback. It brings back too many bad memories.
Now the real questions...

And...I bet you know my answers if you've been reading my appearance posts.

Does it matter?

Nope, not really.

Do I notice?


Do I think someone shouldn't be wearing a certain kind of tights?


Do I notice a hole in your tights?

Most often not.

Does it bother me when you wear over the boot tights and it slips up and I can see your white boot?

Are you going to lose marks because I hate your tights?
Nope. It won't change your position - unless it's distracting. In which case, I might miss something or pay more attention to your feet. So just remember - if you're attracting attention to your feet or legs - you better have straight knees and beautiful crosscuts.

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